Frequently Asked Questions

Selection Laureates: I will be grateful if you can intimate that how many persons will be selected finally (of one particular field). Moreover, is there be any tentative date of the announcement?

In some sessions in one scientific committee, one field,  two to three candidates are finalists, in other sessions only one,
according to my own personal experience, I would say, it is also a question of chance! in a session the other applications may strongly compete with your application, in an other session not. The total average number of Laureates in one session is around seven. 



Requested Publications: What do you mean by "Copy of all the publications related to your research work"

The applicant should submit a copy of all the papers, published in English, in connection with the research work presented to the KIA, a list is not accepted.
Besides, the applicant should also present the list of all her/his  publications  (books, papers…) (not related to this research work).



Team performance: Since our project leader is not available at event date, should we fill up the application form under project leader name or a person who will present the work?

The application form should be filled out, with the common acceptance of the team members. If possible, under the name of the person who has the highest percentage of participation in this research work.



Team performance: Do we need to fill up the application form for each team member, separately?

No, you do not need to fill up the application form for each team member.



Team performance: How can we put the name of all of team members for registration?

As the application will be considered by a scientific committee, applicants  may add a document explaining the team performance, adding the percentage of collaboration of each member…
As per regulations, one cash award and one trophy will be presented, but two certificates,  signed by the President of the Islamic Rep. of Iran, may be presented for the same research work.



Description: What do you mean by description of the research work ?

The description of your research work, should explain the subject, the aim of your research work, the process and steps it followed until its completion, the results and how far this research work, is successful.



Language: The research work we intend to apply was fully published, in Brazil, only in Portuguese. May we submit this article translated into English?

As it is mentioned in the Guidelines, all the documents should be submitted in English.


Team Performance: Together with two of my colleagues, I would like to apply to the current session of the Khwarizmi International Award (KIA) for our recent nano-technological and photonic applications to high efficiency solar cells. However, if I apply

As you wish to enter  the details of your  colleagues, you are invited to send them on-line , in one attachment  or send your application via E-mail.
In a separate letter / attachment, please explain and  mention the percentage of participation / collaboration in the research work of each of your colleagues.
The representative should be the researcher with the highest percentage of collaboration.
May I remind you that only one researcher, representative of the selected  research work,  shall be invited to the award ceremony to receive the award.



Iranian Researchers: It is understood that the Khwarizmi International Award is classified in three sections: 1) Iranian researchers who live in Iran 2) Iranians researchers who live in other countries 3) Non-Iranian researchers How can we indicate that

Researchers who conduct research abroad (outside of Iran) should apply in the foreign section, in English.
If they are Iranian Researchers Residing Abroad, they should indicate it  in the On line / Email  application Form and answer yes to the question, and then indicate their Country of Residency:
Iranian Residing Abroad:     Y  □       N    
Iranian Researchers Residing Abroad should not apply in the national section.



Deadline: When is the deadline for this award? In the English version of your website, it says the deadline is 10th November, however in the Persian version it says it is end of “October,Mehr”. Can you please clarify when is the deadline for people like

Foreign researchers and Iranian researchers residing abroad should consult the English section of the website.



Application Procedure: E-mail Application Or On- line Application ?

Applicants should be aware that applying On-line accelerates  the process & examination of their application as these application  are  directly forwarded  to the relevant scientific committee.
Otherwise, E-mail applications are first converted and sent  in the on-line system. We only presented  this alternative for the candidates who face real problems to upload their annexes (attachment size: not more than 2MB).